A device for weight loss without dieting

Using technology to facilitate weight-loss
by teaching healthy eating habits for life

Background & Motivation

108 Million

Is the number of people in the united states on diets. With each dieter making 4-5 attempts at a diet in a year. Despite this, obesity and related heart disease is on the rise. Medical costs for obesity is the U.S. is over 150 billion per year. It's a serious healthcare issue that rewuires a solution. 

Why don't diets work? Because they require the dieter to make extreme life-style changes that cannot be carried on for a lifeitme. BiteRite is a better solution. Our device focuses not on limiting what you eat, but how you eat it. When you you have had enough to eat, your stomach sends a signal to your brain which makes you feel satisfied. However, this signal has a 10-15 minute lag, meaning that if you are eating fast you can consume more calories than you need, leading to weight gain.  BiteRite is a comfortable wristband which measures your eating rate and reminds you to take your time!

Device Hardware

-High Resolution Gyroscope
-Battery and Charger
-Vibration Motor
-Data Logger or Transmission Chip
-Buttons, Switches, LEDs

Prototype Devices

First Prototype

Third Prototype

Final Device

The final device will be scaled down in size, in order to be as unobtrusive for the user as possible. In addition it will connect to any smartphone via bluetooth, and automatically track meals.

Smartphone Application

The device will be capable of connecting to any smartphone and we would like to create an app to seamlessly connet the user to the data the band is colleting. In addition, the app could send you push notifications during a meal reminding you to slow down. 

Future Directions

Automatic Bite Detection

To enhance user-friendliness and accuracy.

Mobile App

So you can check your progress anywhere you go!

Clinical Trial

Prove that eating slow leads to wieght loss.


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